Yvonne Mora is an impressionist artist born in Lima, Peru. Yvonne is known for her vivid, firm brushstrokes and the pleasant linkage of light and shadows. Yvonne’s most common subjects are young couples dancing, flower markets, serene beaches and jazz musicians. Yvonne’s artwork evokes tremendous energy and passion induced by the momentary depictions of humanity in its purest form. Yvonne has been interested in the arts since childhood. Yvonne studied in the esteemed National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts in Lima where she ultimately graduated from with honors. Her first individual exhibition occurred in Tsukuba, Japan organized by a group of admirers of her art. Yvonne then moved on to realize several more exhibitions in different galleries all over the world. Her art has been exhibited from Germany to Los Angeles to New Orleans. Yvonne’s work was also featured in HBO’s comedy series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.